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The Tunisian Rationale

Posted: 08/30/12

Originally published on the Foreign Policy’s Middle East Channel at

In 2011, shortly after the Tunisian people threw out Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and pressed the restart button on their government, I gave an interview in which I was asked what it was about events in Tunisia that led me to be such an early believer that something important was happening. At the time I said one word: enthusiasm. The enthusiasm of the Tunisian people for reform is what caught my attention. It was an enthusiasm for change that I had not seen before in the Arab world. A few weeks ago, as I completed a 10-day trip to the country, including meetings with the prime minister’s office, civil society, and private sector leadership, I concluded that while the enthusiasm is still there,  it is at risk due to challenges facing the economy and lack of investment.


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Tweet Me Maybe

Posted: 08/22/12

This article by the New York Times about the social media work behind the success of the song “Call Me Maybe” shows, in particular, the power of YouTube and why more promotional efforts should be using it.

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Job Opening for Digital Strategist

Posted: 07/12/12

Hotspot Digital is seeking a strategist with some experience in a variety of aspects of digital communications.  This position is part-time (15 hours per week), and can be done from any location although proximity to DC is an advantage.  The position could become a full-time employee position.  Hotspot strategists take a leadership role in providing guidance on such areas as: content development, email and texting strategies, social networking, online advertising and the overall evaluation of performance in each of these areas.

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PDF: Applied: New Ideas and New Relationships

Posted: 06/24/12

BY           Sarah Lai Stirland

“We were trying to bridge the worlds of practitioners with developers to come up with applications with real world value and serve the goals of civic engagement, election participation and advocacy,” said Robbins,  who is a partner at Hotspot Digital and former director of social innovation at AT&T.

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The Dangers of an Inactive Email List

Posted: 06/01/12

By Nicole Wallace

Inactive e-mail lists have always posed a challenge to fundraisers, but as spam filters get more sophisticated, the stakes are getting higher, Dan Atherton, a consultant at Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey, told participants in San Francisco at the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

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